• The following is a tentative schedule by month.



    Updating students Health Records

    Please return the following forms to enable me to update your child's health records:

    • Yearly Health Update
    • Fluoride Permission Slip 
    • Any recent immunizations or physical examination forms

    (A physical examination by an MD is only required when first entering the school district. However it is suggested by the state health department that a physical be done at each child's developmental stage.)

    Returning this information will help me to keep your students records up to the standards of the state health department.


    Screenings will begin starting with pre-first and progressing to the higher grades. Screening consist of height and weight, blood pressure, vision and hearing. If a students fails one of the screenings a note will be sent home.


    The flouride program is in progress and operating on a weekly basis. If you change your mind about having your child participate it is not too late. Just have them bring in a signed note giving your permission.


    Screenings in progress for height and weight, blood pressure, vision and hearing. If a student fails the hearing test they will be rescreened in about 6 weeks. If they fail a second time you will receive a note.


    Flouride program continues.


    Reminder notes have been sent home to the parents of the children who are in need of immunization. Please complete these required immunizations because the yearly report will soon be sent to the NJ Department of Health.


    Screening completed for height and weight, blood pressure. vision and hearing. Referrals were sent home to any child you failed any of the screenings.


    The Flouride program continues.



    Notification for Scoliosis Screenings go home with students to be signed by parent for permission. Please return form as soon as possible. Screening will take place next month.

    Thank you for your help.