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WCM Students Stories get Published

December 7, 2018


Dear Teacher,


Thank you for sending mini sagas from your school to be considered for Young Writers' Spooky Sagas Contest.


We have received in excess of 12,000 entries! We have enjoyed reading every story that we've received - the standard has been fantastic, Spooky Sagas has certainly captured students' imaginations from Texas and California to Ohio and Maine!


It is my pleasure to inform you that a number of mini sagas written by students from your school have been chosen for publication.


Teachers often ask about the selection criteria for mini sagas and how many of the entries we receive are published. Choosing work is, to an extent, subjective and editors' preferences do come into it. However, to achieve our aim of encouraging students to enjoy creative writing, our editorial policy takes a broad view of what makes a good story: perception, imagination and creativity are important as well as expression, originality and use of language. The number of mini sagas selected from each school can vary a great deal as this depends on how many entries we receive from each area and the standard of entries received from each school.


Spooky Sagas - The Garden State is scheduled for publication on March 31, 2019. As a participating school, you will receive a complimentary copy of the book. You are welcome to order additional copies via your school's online account or by giving us a call.  Books are $24.99 per copy and we have a 3-for-2 pre-publication offer - for every two copies you buy, the third copy is free! There are no additional shipping charges. Please note that ordering books is not a condition of publication; students' work has been chosen entirely on its own merits.

However, advance orders greatly help us estimate print runs, which we print in our award-winning print shop in England!


A copy of the book containing your students' work, Spooky Sagas - The Garden State, will be sent to The Library of Congress in Washington DC to provide a lasting record of your students' achievement. Your school name will be published as West Cape May Elementary School, if this is wrong, please contact me by December 28, 2018 so I can change it!


Additionally, Young Writers award prizes: For this contest the school with the best set of entries will receive The Young Writers' Award of Excellence, and the best published writer will receive an iPad and a trophy, we'll also award one runner-up a $50 Amazon gift card. Winners will be announced in April 2019.


I'd like to close by congratulating West Cape May Elementary School. I am sure your students will continue to keep up the great writing. Thank you for taking part in Spooky Sagas - we realize there's quite a bit of work involved for teachers who organize the entries! To help make life easier, all the information regarding your students being published is available online. Log in to your school's online account using the details below to view students' work, see who has given permission to be published and much, much more.


If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We like to hear from teachers, and feedback is always appreciated.


Best wishes, Jess Giaffreda Editor








Young Writers, 100 Condor Street, Boston, MA 021